Familiar design and tuning that made the KZ ZS10 Pro and CCA C10 popular. The CCA C10 Pro is definitely not one for folks that listen to genres that comprise primarily acoustic instruments. Brand: KZ Time to market: 2019... REECHO X PEACOCK AUDIO SPRING | 2*DD & 1*BA It has above average technicalities, but this is offset by a harsh and fatiguing treble, sibilance and an artificial timbre. I would like to thank the Wooeasy Earphones Store for providing this review unit. Light and comfortable. Let’s compare the CCA C10 to other headphones in a similar price range: The CCA C10 are attractive and for the price they’re sold at, they’re rather good. The CCA C10 Pro is one of these said sidegrades, and in the big scheme of things, the CCA C10 Pro is pretty forgettable in the pantheon of pokemon KZ/CCAs. Detail is good, though not exceptional. CCA C10 Pro has a tighter bass with less midbass bleed. The body of the IEM is all plastic … TRN V90S has a more textured bass too, though it has a bit more recessed mids than the CCA C10 Pro. Timbre is unfortunately, artificial for acoustic instruments, much like some circa 2018 KZ fare. The C10 use the same shell as other KZ models such as the KZ ZSN and the KZ ZS10 Pro. KZ ZS10 Pro. I would grade the treble of the CCA C10 Pro as the weakest part of the frequency spectrum. KZ (and by extension sister company, CCA) are back to their circa 2018 – early 2019 habits of churning out almost weekly sidegrades/marginal upgrades. At best, they can only slightly reduce background noise when it’s not too strong. I guess that’s because it doesn’t use Bluetooth? It has above average technicalities, but this is offset by a harsh … The CCA C10 Pro features a V shaped sound signature, with an overly boosted upper mids/treble. While that leads to disasters sometimes (hi, Ariane V!

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. 3... A universal-fit single-dynamic driver earphone. KZ ZS10 Pro is more “fun” sounding and more versatile in terms of tuning, with the CCA C10 Pro sounding more cold in tonality. Female vocals are hence more forward than male vocals. Music files were mostly standard-res (16 bit / 44.1 kHz) FLAC files. The Moondrop SSR is a $40 single dynamic driver earphone with 16 ohm... 9mm Pure Beryllium Single Dynamic Driver IEM.

For cable believers, I feel a pure copper one would have synergized better with the CCA C10 Pro as it is already bright and harsh in the treble, and would have benefitted from a copper cable to tame the highs and give a bit of warmth. Specification: Shame on you. It’s actually fun and I would say that it adds to the music without taking anything away (though it depends heavily on what music you listen to). It does hiss with PCs and phones but this can be mitigated by using a DAC/AMP, inline volume controller or impedance mismatch device.

I have also reported on technology for major Italian publications since 2011. The CCA C10 Pro features a V shaped sound signature, with an overly boosted upper mids/treble. Though the wife has never been more unhappy with the increasing number of IEMs and earbuds in the mail. Buy Earphone Replacement Cable Yinyoo 16 Core High Purity Silver Plated Earphone Cable for AS10 ZS10 ZSX ZS10 PRO ZS7 ZSR ES4 ZST CCA C10 C16 C04 TRN V80 V90 BA5 Yinyoo V2 Blon-03 KBEAR KB10(2pins3.5): Extension Cords - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases All rights reserved. The TRN V90S is also another V shaped set, but it has less boosted upper mids/lower treble than the CCA C10 Pro, with the latter being more fatiguing and harsh and sibilant. KZ ZS10 has better soundstage and imaging. Thank you! The CCA C10 Pro has detail and clarity to suit trebleheads, but may be fatiguing for longer sessions at the lower treble region, especially with female vocals/horns/trumpets. Soundstage on the CCA C10 Pro is pretty average in all 3 dimensions, it is slightly wider than deep, nothing to write home about. The only significant difference in terms of design is the fact that the metal faceplate features some “waves” with the CCA logo on it. Because of the low extension and of the presence of a peak in the lower area, it often appears a little less present than it should, although it is as often in the front of the stage. Soundphile Review: headphones reviews, earphones reviews, IEMs reviews, speakers reviews, Bluetooth speakers reviews - and more. Living between Milan, Italy and London, UK, I got the the passion for music listening as a legacy from my father and my grandfather.

Sound is another matter, though! and still not feel any fatigue or discomfort. Note weight is leaner and tonality is overall on the colder side. The CCA C10 Pro is really pretty forgettable in the $50ish USD cut throat CHIFI market, and unfortunately being average in that price segment is not good enough nowadays. It is in fact almost identical, save for the brown colour of the plastic sleeving. Brand Name: THIEAUDIO He has played the piano and guitar in a band for the last 15 years. The CCA C10 Pro has more sibilance, and is much more fatiguing for longer sessions than the KZ ZS10 Pro. Upper mids are boosted on the CCA C10 Pro compared to the lower mids, and the upper mids can on occasions be shouty, especially at higher volumes (Fletcher Munson Curve).

It has good lateral extension, but little depth, which makes music sound in your ears instead of something playing in a three-dimensional space. Required fields are marked *. No reviews I’ve seen mentioned what Bluetooth codec it uses. Hey there! The CCA C16 are a very good looking earphone and when inserted in the ear the look virtually indistinguishable from the C10 of KZ AS16. Brand Name: REECHO Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa wrote in its masterpiece novel The Leopard that “everything has to change in order for nothing to change”. Good build.Above average technical performance for the price.Above average isolation.Easily drivable.2 pin connector – better lifespan than MMCX in general. I find it doesn’t give much value add compared to some existing KZ/CCA iterations (eg the KZ ZS10 Pro), so this is one pokemon that you should think twice about catching.

The CCA C10 Pro is very comfortable and light and I had no issues with using it for longer sessions in terms of fit (sound wise however, I couldn’t use it too long due to the harsh treble, but that will be discussed below). I had a bigger collection of KZ pokemons in the past, but have sold all my KZs away except the KZ ZS10 Pro, so apologies if I can’t do A/B comparisons with the other KZs.

This reuse of the shell is actually a good thing, as this shell is a comfortable one.

CCA C10 Pro $40 Multi Driver ChiFi Marvel.

One of the tenets of software development is to reuse code whenever that’s convenient and possible. The CCA C10 Pro’s isolation is just above average, but won’t beat some unvented multi BA types in this area. Learn how your comment data is processed. He contributes on Head-Fi occasionally. The CCA C10 Pro features a V shaped sound signature, with an overly boosted upper mids/treble. Treble is not much extended and it also has a relatively low level of detail. The ZS10 Pro sounds cleaner but a but more fatiguing. Product Name: KZ ASF